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(Víctor Lemes)

I was so animated while seeking a residence to acquire that I didn't realize I hadn't possessed the sufficient fund to do so. My entire bank account could only obtain a vacant residence: once acquired, I would have no spare fund to purchase some furniture. Previously animated, at that moment I became insane. I didn't know what to do to facilitate my situation. Thus, I had become a somnambulist. I couldn't accomplish to sleep sufficient hours. Sporadically, to ensure I wasn't putrefied already, I used to keep masticating some gum all day long. One day, finally, I decided to do something. I would phone a friend. He would have to assist me. I necessitated some assistance. I recognize how childish I was. Subsequently, I contacted a carnivore but amiable pal and questioned him if he could give me some recommendation. He requested me to encounter him later. I told him I would be late, principally because I had no vehicle. (Absence of fund to purchase one, too.)   I departed home and sooner than I imagined, I was standing opposite a bank...

(to be continued...)



Víctor Lemes, idealizador e administrador do blog, geminiano nascido em 1989, em São Bernardo do Campo. Formado em Letras (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2009), e pós-graduado em Especialização em Língua Inglesa (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2011), trabalha como coordenador pedagógico e professor de inglês na escola de idiomas CNA, localizado em Louveira, cidade em que mora desde 2002.

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