Ms. M.

(Víctor Lemes)

Awesome would be
The word to define
Her own thoughts
About her inner self.

Must I say I feel
A little dyslexic

I could call her
By many names,
Although, tonight
She is Ms. M to me.
I wonder why
She perhaps finds herself
Not a beautiful person…

Maybe she is sick
Of being the best
In every single aspect
On her own life.
That might affect
Her relationships
Among other human beings;

Must I say I feel
Glad for not being
One of them…

She also claims
She has no creativity;
I particularly find that

Maybe I borrowed it
From her, tonight.



Víctor Lemes, idealizador e administrador do blog, geminiano nascido em 1989, em São Bernardo do Campo. Formado em Letras (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2009), e pós-graduado em Especialização em Língua Inglesa (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2011), trabalha como coordenador pedagógico e professor de inglês na escola de idiomas CNA, localizado em Louveira, cidade em que mora desde 2002.

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