Vento no Litoral (English Version)

(Versão em inglês por Víctor Lemes)

At dusk I want to relax
Walk by the shore and see
If the wind is still blowing strong
If I could climb up the rocks

I know I do it to forget
I let the waves hit me
And wind comes blowing
Everything away...

Now skyline seems too far
Staring at it distracts me
Our plans are what I miss the most
When we used to stare together
At the same direction
Where are you now
Besides here, inside of me...

We did the right thing
It was time that made the mistake
It'll be hard without you
'Cause you're with me
All the time
And when I see the sea
There's something which says
That life still goes on
And letting go is just nonsense...

If you're not here
What I can possibly do
Is take care of me
I want to be happy at least,
Remember our plans
To feel fine...

Fine, Fine
Look what I've just found...
Sea Horses...

I know I do it to forget
I let the waves hit me
And wind will blow
Everything away...



Víctor Lemes, idealizador e administrador do blog, geminiano nascido em 1989, em São Bernardo do Campo. Formado em Letras (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2009), e pós-graduado em Especialização em Língua Inglesa (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2011), trabalha como coordenador pedagógico e professor de inglês na escola de idiomas CNA, localizado em Louveira, cidade em que mora desde 2002.

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