(Víctor Lemes)

I am the kind of person who believes in dreams, in co-creations. And believing in which, when I usually wake up in the morning I think: 'What will my motto be like today?'. It can be anything, something stupid or something smart, something blue or something black, something delightful or something sad. This morning I woke up with this feeling of emptiness. It's only normal, I created that situation for myself. At some point I decided to offer everything I had to a girl who was not prepared nor willing to receive all that. I don't blame her, though. It was her free will. Her mind is still young. Anyway, my motto for the next eleven hours is 'a day of giving up'. My love had never been so true before I met her. My love shall never end once it has been created. Funny stuff: this blog was named before as 'turning over new leaves', and that is what I am about to to right now. Turning over these leaves. Farewell, Mr. Autumn.



Víctor Lemes, idealizador e administrador do blog, geminiano nascido em 1989, em São Bernardo do Campo. Formado em Letras (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2009), e pós-graduado em Especialização em Língua Inglesa (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2011), trabalha como coordenador pedagógico e professor de inglês na escola de idiomas CNA, localizado em Louveira, cidade em que mora desde 2002.

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