A long side

(Víctor Lemes)

I dreamt about Mary, a friend of mine. We were at college, going downstairs towards the cafeteria. We were joking around, remembering funny stuffs that had happened with each other during the graduation years, when suddenly her cell phone rang. (I forgot to mention something: Mary's got a boyfriend, Geoffrey, however I don't think he recognizes her as his girlfriend as well.) Anyway, she answered the phone. Her steps had become slower, and I passed her easily. So, I stopped to wait for her but she wasn't there any longer if you know what I mean. I got back to her, had taken her thousands books for kids out of her both hands with nails to be done, and held them between my knees. That was the right moment she looked straight into my eyes and asked something. I couldn't hear what was the question but I knew it was one because of its intonation. 'You are stronger' I replied. She then bent her head slightly to the right side, just like those curious puppies do when they hear some sort of new sound, and finally started moving forwards again. A second ring come out of their purse. She ignored that one, she was stronger. I smiled to her, she smiled me back, we went on faster than before alongside. Next scene I remember is myself checking  the time on my smartphone. It was ten in the morning on a Sunday. Such a miracle my Mom hadn't yelled at me for that yet. I remember her question now, she asked me 'Do you exist?'. Dunno, do I?



Víctor Lemes, idealizador e administrador do blog, geminiano nascido em 1989, em São Bernardo do Campo. Formado em Letras (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2009), e pós-graduado em Especialização em Língua Inglesa (UniAnchieta/Jundiaí - 2011), trabalha como coordenador pedagógico e professor de inglês na escola de idiomas CNA, localizado em Louveira, cidade em que mora desde 2002.

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